What’s On At Trillians

Any gigs listed with +LOCAL means there’s room for local bands to support, Please contact via trillians@gmx.com or buzz through Facebook


1st Ultimate Whitesnake

2nd Pearl Scam/Audioslaves

3rd Loaded 44/the dark stuff

4th Subhumans/All Out Attack TICKETS

7th Tyla from Dogs D,Amour accoustic, TICKETS

8th This Machine

9th OzzBest

10th Burlesque TICKETS

13th Blame your self/Holding out/Japanese Racoon Dog/Without trust/dutch elm

14th 999 TICKETS

15th Control The Storm

16th LN/Kracken Waker/Outcast Syndicate

17th Onlooker / Cherry & Peesh / Hot Rockets / Operation Vanguard

20th Linken Park Tribute

21st This house we built

22nd Nevana

23rd Maiden England



28th Crashed Out

JAN 2024

6th TBC

12th Dogflesh

13th Motorbeard

14th Rock/Metal Quiz-£1 per player

20th Qotsa Tribute

21st Moving Pictures TICKETS

27th Sticky Fingers

28th Necc


1st Operation Vangard/Logoz/All out attack

2nd Ma Kellys Boys

3rd Cheat Trick

4th TBC

6th HillBilly Vegas TICKETS

8th Nation In Ruin

9th Sabbra Cadabra

10th Rockbottom-MSG/UFO Tribute

11th Charity all dayer/cat dog shelter TICKETS

13th TBC

16th AC/DC GB

17th Def Leppard Tribute

15th Raven/Girlschool/Alcatraz/Airforce TICKETS

22nd The Crawling

23rd Godzz Of War

24th Nitroville

25th Luke Appleton


14th Bullet Boys TICKETS