What’s On At Trillians


Any gigs listed with +LOCAL means there’s room for local bands to support, Please contact via trillians@gmx.com or buzz through Facebook


13th Carl Stacey

14th Mother Vulture + Support

15th Secret Rule+Enversa

16th Reet Hot Chilli Peppers

17th Iffy Clyro

18th From Inside & Arkdown

19th Pete Way Band TICKETS

20th Hexis // Zatokrev

22nd Steven Pearce and the Hooligans

23rd Nightwished

24th Led Into Zeppelin

25th Extinction of Mankind / Hellkrusher / Souls of Jack Ketch TICKETS

29th Dorja//RattleBone//Old Haunts

30th Maiden UK


1st Luke Appleton/Dox

3rd Demonic Resurrection TICKETS

4th Enuff Z’Nuff+Last Great Dreamers TICKETS

5th Lost On Me/Ghost Signals

6th Satarial+Novichok

7th 101% Pantera

8th Rock The Foundry 1

12th Sheep On Drugs

13th Strangers In The Night(UFO)

14th Nitrovilli+Local

15th Radio Northumberland

17th Barstool Preachers/Almighty uprisers TICKETS

19th Collateral Album Tour+edenthorn

20th Final Pout Down

21st Electric Circus (WASP)

22nd Largerstein TICKETS

23rd Tombstone Crow Door Charge

25th BLUE RUIN+Digame Loulou TICKETS £5/£8

26th King Creature//dead river kings//witchtripper

27th Nightrain(GnR)

28th HiFi Stacy+Love The Sinner

29th Control The Storm/Concrete Kingdoms/Everyday Heroes £5

30th Year Of The Cobra


3rd Alia Tempora+king and queens+Belle Elmore

4th Sulpher

5th Fu Fighters

6th Rock The Foundry 2

8th TBC

9th TBC

10th Wildthorne+Kings And Queens

11th Ashes Of Iron

12th MotorKill

13th Charity All Dayer

14th Volcanova// Sorry For Nothing//Goblinsmoker//Geomance

16th Ifreann//Uproar//Trendkill//Rituals

17th Criminal Minds

18th Falling Red

19th Pearl Jam UK

20th MEARFEST All Dayer

21st TBC

24th TBC

25th Van Hailen

26th Snake bite whiskey+Nasty Ratz

27th oxjam newcastle takeover Door Charge

28th Tanith//Juniper Grave TICKETS

30th Warrior Soul//Psycobabylon TICKETS