What’s On At Trillians


Any gigs listed with +LOCAL means there’s room for local bands to support, Please contact via trillians@gmx.com or buzz through Facebook


14th-M2TM Heat 2

15th-Breaking Waves//Proffondo Rosso//The Lava Frogs


17th-DeadEye//Son Of Boar

19th-All Out Attack//Dead Poets 86 Door Charge

20th-Sanhedrin//Gatekeeper//Culloden TICKETS

21st-The Radio Suns//Paris Dancer Door Charge

22nd-Nightrain(GnR Tribute)

23rd-Dirt(Alice In Chains Tribute)

24th-HeadStone Horrors & In Evil Hour £4 Door Charge

25th-ИЛ – IL (Russia)

26th-Ventenner//Seraph Sin//You are the Dead

27th-The Rocketz//Corporal Bones

28th-M2TM Heat 3

29th-Stone Temple Pirates

30th-Sin Theta

31st-Heavy Pettin//Spartan Warrior TICKETS


4th-M2TM Heat 4

5th-Van Hailen

6th-Surreal Panther

7th-Yur Mum//Run Into The Night

8th-Frankie Teardrop Dead

9th-Digame Lou Lou//Mother Firefly

10th-Game Of Thrones QUIZ £1.50

11th-Blaze Bayley TICKETS

12th-Pearl Jam UK


14th-Mike Tramp TICKETS

15th-Edens Curse//Mob Rules//Degread TICKETS

17th-M2TM Heat 5

18th-Syteria//Twister TICKETS

19th-Heaven Or Hell(Dio Tribute)

20th-HellBound Hearts

21st-Forgotten Remains//Horrified//Souls of Jack Ketch

24th-M2TM Heat 6

25th-Promethium//lords of ruin//Obey

26th-G-Force(Gary Moore Tribute)




1st Marko Mendoza £10 tickets £12 otd

2nd Byker Grave event

3rd Heartbreakers

4th Lord Bishop

5th Battle of the Bands Semi Final 1

7th Idle Hands

9th Tensheds + Swanhunt

10th Dirty South

11th Stevie Pearce

12th Everest Queen

15th Leader of Down + Segregate + Anti Bastard £5

16th Twice the Same

17th Megadeth UK

18th Faded Heros

19th Battle of the Bands Semi Final 2

20th Deathbell, Juniper Grave

21st Hibushibire (Japan) + Dead Otter + The Contact High £10

23rd Desolation Angel + Satans Empire /Sacrilege £5

24th Twin Lizzy

25th Absolver

26th Iain Barlow + King Witch

29th M0E + Bruxa Maria

30th Ramage Inc Dead River King

31st Live Undead


23rd Actors / Empathy Test TICKETS