What’s On At Trillians


Any gigs listed with +LOCAL means there’s room for local bands to support, Please contact via trillians@gmx.com or buzz through Facebook


1st Nevana

2nd RiffRaff

3rd Rhabstallion/Square Wild

4th Firekind/ Loz Campbell

7th Tired Of Fighting/Fire Lady Luck/Valley 59

8th Nitroville/Not Now Norman/Millennium

9th Cult Fiction CULT TRIBUTE

10th Troyen/culloden

12th Betsy Ade & the Well-Known Strangers TICKETS

13th One Million Motors/When They Riot

14th Rust/Gimp fist

15th This Machine

16th The Final Pout Down

18th The JB Conspiracy /Call be malcom TICKETS

19th Marc Valentine/Dragstrip guns-Door Charge

22nd EBB/The Creep Void

24th Sab3, Sabbath Tribute Door Charge £7

26thn subalternos/zero tolerance/hotrockets

29th red hot chillipinos

30th Black Balled Band/THE KUT

31st Sadistic Slobs


3rd Soap Girls £7 Advanced/£10 OTD

4th Massive-Door Charge

5th City kids

6th Ghostz (Ghost Tribute)

7th karybdis need a local support

8th TBC

10th Church of confidence £8/£10

11th Schemata Theory/trendkill/collaps of colour

12th baphamet need local support

13th Scott Michael Cavagan need local support

14th TBC

15th Mannequin death squad/the vessel

16th Jools n Dante from GUN acoustic set TICKETS

17th Bouchard Bros TICKETS

19th Gimme A (TRibute)

20th Obsession (UFO TRIBUTE)

21st Heavy Pettin/Spartan Warrior TICKETS

22nd Temperance (from Italy) and Edge of Paradise (USA) TICKETS

23rd lillian axe/Riot Act TICKETS

25th Necronautical/scordatura/Lost Brethren

26th Sticky Fingers

27th Pearl Jam GB

30th Electric Boys TICKETS

31st ZOM


1st Paradise Alley

2nd Megadeth

3rd BlaKK sabbath

4th All day Charity event

9th Fury/BOZ/Phoenix lake

10th Toxicities (system of a down tribute)

11th Moving Pictures (rush Tribute) TICKETS

13th TBC

14th TBC

16th T-REX tribute

17th Paramore UK

18th Grand Slam TICKETS

20th Scream of the Butterfly

22nd Novichok

23rd Fallen Mafia

24th TBC

25th Malachy TICKETS

27th Huranova

28th The Crawling

29th Black rose/Millenium

30th Deborah Bonham Band TICKETS



7th KROW/playdead/Goth night

8th Metal Millitia

12th Cavemen-Door Charge

13th Amsamstag need local support

14th Syteria/healthy junkies

15th Motley Crude

16th Spreading the disease/Heretic order

21st jack j hutchinson need local support

22nd Winter in eden/Not Dark Yet

23rd Gypsy pistoleros TICKETS

26th Rosalie Cunningham TICKETS

28th Paul Rodgers Story

29th Aranthrax

30th TBC

31st TBC


3rd Purple Family Tree TICKETS

4th Loaded 44


6th Primitai

8th Linkin Park Tribute TICKETS

10th Dobermann

11th Kreek+Black aces

12th Fu Fighters

13th Wicked smile/The Brink/Cassidy Paris TICKETS

16th Sweet Crisis TICKETS

17th Stormbringer need local support

18th Not now Norman album launch

19th Live Undead (Slayer Tribute)

20th Sodomized Cadaver

21st John corabi TICKETS

22nd Kira Mac TICKETS

23rd TBC

24th TBC

25th Ashes of Iron/Dunes

26th Van Hailen

27th TBC

29th Conan


2nd The Force

3rd Electric Circus (WASP Tribute)

4th Slyder Smith TICKETS

5th TBC

8th 999 TICKETS

9th The Gimme Gimme Gimmes TRIBUTE

10th Obsession (UFO Tribute)

11th Rhabstallion/Theigns & Thralls/Daylight robbery

16th Ozzbest

17th Final Pout Down

23rd Maiden England



8th Girl School/Alkatraz TICKETS