What’s On At Trillians

Any gigs listed with +LOCAL means there’s room for local bands to support, Please contact via trillians@gmx.com or buzz through Facebook


26th Pryma/Lavire/King Kracken

27th Rob Zombie Tribute

28th Tired Of Fighting


1st M2TM Semi Final 1

2nd The gypsies pistoleros/blitz/Adam and the hellcats

4th Volbeaten

6th Alia Tempora TICKETS

8th M2TM Semi 2

9th The Rocketz/The Hangmen TICKETS

10th Twin Lizzy

11th Green days

15th M2TM Semi 3

16th Operation Vanguard

17th Hush Money/Tom killner

18th Tyne Maiden

19th Troyen

20th Dobermann

22nd Battle Born + Support TICKETS

23rd Stormbringer/The Filth Hounds

24th Cold Flame(Jethro Tull Tribute)

25th Hotter Than Hell(Kiss Tribute)

26th Souls Of Jack Ketch/Erebor/Catalysis/Magefa

28th Cerebral Scar + Support

29th Hoekstra-Gibbs TICKETS

30th EBB/ The Emerald Daw



1st Hellbent Forever(Judas Priest)

2nd Bon DC

3rd marco mendoza/loz cambell TICKETS

6th Benoit Martiny Band(blend of rock and psychedelic jazz, inspired by bands from Soft Machine to Rammstein)

7th Witches Sabbath

8th The Final Pout Down

9th NECC-Tearjerker / UME / Calm–Door Charge

14th Andro Coultons Give Em Hell

15th Fu Fighters

16th Crypta TICKETS

20th Not Now Norman

21st Maiden England

22nd Hands down pop punk experience

23rd Veritas Festival Newcastle-£10/£15 TICKETS

26th Carbellion + Support

27th Helgrind

28th Nitroville/Gwailo

29th Ultimate Whitesnake

30th Skinny Knowledge


4th platform 22 Door Charge

5th blink 182 tribute

6th Accept Tribute

7th Frankie Stubbs TICKETS

11th Zipheads and Nosebleed TICKETS

12th mark valentine/Logoz

13th Morderstein

14th rhabstallion/bang bang fire cracker

16th Cassidy Paris TICKETS

17th Warrior soul TICKETS

18th Hillbilly vegas/The Howling Tides TICKETS


20th The Lost Dogs (grunge tribute)

21st Babes From The Crypt

23rd liliths army

24th subalternos

26th Syteria/Chaos 8/Hot Rockets

27th Lord bishope

28th Mr Big Foot / Dinky Bosetti / Absolute Riots DOOR CHARGE

29th The Hell Flowers £6/£8

30th zach m kibbee


1st smoke over elsewhere/Blood Stained Reputation/rattlesnakes

2nd AC/DC GB

3rd Def Lepad